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347 Stainless Steel Tubing

Considered a stabilized austenitic stainless steel, 347 small diameter tubing offers enhanced resistance to intergranular corrosion at high temperatures. 347 (UNS designation S34700)  stainless tubing’s performance at high temperatures is due to the addition of tantalum and columbium (niobium) which bind carbon atoms that would otherwise remain in solution and form chromium carbides at high temperatures. Chromium carbides are undesirable because they translate into intergranular corrosion, where corrosion occurs at grain boundaries. 

347 shares similar performance qualities to 321 stainless steel. Mechanically, it can be cold worked to similar tempers as the other 300 series stainless sheets of steel with good strength characteristics.347 SS tubing can be fabricated using subtractive manufacturing methods like grinding, turning, milling, or more modern technologies like EDM, ECM, and laser fabrication. 

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347 SS Tubing Features & Applications

 347 stainless tubing offers good corrosion resistance to nitric acids and is often used in applications requiring repeated heating in the range of 800 - 1650 F (427-899 C) such as:  

  • Expansion joint tube assemblies 
  • High-temperature gaskets / o-rings,  
  • Aerospace engine parts 
  • Exhaust manifolds 
  • Other high-temperature applications 
  • Chemical production equipment. 

 Small diameter 347 stainless steel tubing is welded from strip stock, plug drawn in coil form, annealed as needed in order to meet customer temper requirements, and offered in straight lengths or coil form.


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Short Mill Lead Times
Short Mill Lead Times

Pre-welded work-in-process inventory, a responsive & resourceful staff, a vast range of tooling and quick changeover equipment enables quick delivery.

Made in the USA
Made in the USA

Tubing is produced domestically and DFARS compliant products are available. Rely on USA manufactured tubing for critical applications and avoid quality problems or logistics delays with foreign firms.

All Manufacturing in House
All Manufacturing in House

Welding, tube drawing, heat treating, straightening and related processes are all performed under one roof. This approach reduces opportunities for delays and ensures processes are well controlled.


Multi point inspection throughout the manufacturing processes detects and contains defects. Non-contact measurement devices and automated vision inspection systems used in-line during production.

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