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316 LVM Stainless Steel Tubing

316 LVM (UNS designation S31673) is a stainless steel grade melted in a vacuum furnace (vacuum arc remelted, or VAR) to reduce as many impurities as possible and the result is high purity and clean alloy with good homogeneity and uniform chemistry. 316 LVM is typically used for medical applications.  316LVM stainless steel tubing is a derivative of the 316 stainless steel grade and the “L” in the designation indicates it has a low carbon content.

Aside from improved purity and thus better resistance to corrosion for critical applications, 316LVM otherwise shares many of the same characteristics as standard 316 tubing. It can be cold worked to a hard temper (or can be offered in an intermediate or annealed temper). 316 LVM tube is offered in coil or straight lengths and is easily machinable via grinding, turning, and milling or can be fabricated via EDM, ECM, laser, or other techniques. Frequently, it is ordered using the ASTM F138 chemistry specification.

316 LVM is more expensive than 316 or 316 L tubing due to high minimum material costs from suppliers and the added cost from the vacuum melting process.

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316 LVM Tubing Features & Applications

The most common application for 316LVM stainless steel tubing is typically medical, where surgical grade tubing is necessary. Applications include:

  • Medical device instruments
  • Surgical devices, especially those for reusable applications


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